Alyn Williams at the Westbury

The Westbury Hotel, 37 Conduit Street, London, England, W1S 2YF, United Kingdom

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This meal began with good gougeres. Langoustines were tender, served with carpaccio of scallops, which had good inherent sweetness, seved with spiced carrots (16/20). An interesting dish was curried cauliflower panna cotta with onion bhajia. The subtly spicec cauliflower panna cotta had lovely texture and flavour, and the bhajia was a very delicate version with a thin crisp; an unusual dish that worked really well (15/20).

An intermediate course of scallops and asparagus came with a gem lettuce sauce. The scallops were excellent, sweet and nicely cooked, but I am not sure about the wisdom of serving cold artichokes with hot scallops; moreover the lettuce sauce seemed rather insipid. This was pleasant enough, but not the same level as the rest of the meal (14/20).

Sea bass was grilled and served with lemon gnocchi; the fish was carefully cooked and had very good flavour, the gnocchi delicate (16/20). I tried 50 day aged pork with salt-baked kohlrabi and wild leeks with oak moss. The pork was excellent, the belly not too fatty and with a crisp crackling, the loin moist and having very good flavour (easily 16/20).

Chocolate cake with passion fruit was rich and enjoyable (16/20). Banana rum baba was an unusual take on the classic, and pulled off the trick of having a genuinely moist bread base, which so often does not happen (16/20). The bill came to £126, with a bottle of Louis Roederer and pre-dinner drinks in addition. Service was excellent throughout. I really like this restaurant, with its appealing dishes, acceptable prices and high class cooking. 


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  • michael

    Went for lunch. The food was really top notch and a steal at £30. It was empty. The service was professional but just so, so stiff and forelock tugging. Not sure many people feel comfortable with that in London anymore.

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