Four Seasons Hotel, 20 Boylston Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02116, United States

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This restaurant closed in the late summer of 2009. Hence the brief notes below are of historical interest only.

The main restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel. Oddly this is rated the highest in Zagat when I visited and was voted best restaurant in Boston, the evidence for which was lacking on this visit. It is all very pleasant, with a grand hotel dining room with plenty of space and competent service. To start with pan-fried scallops were fresh and well timed (13/20). For the main course a risotto was of merely adequate texture, the stock used lacking any real conviction (12/20). A chocolate ice cream was made from good dark chocolate but has a slightly grainy texture (11/20). Overall 12/20 only. To be fair, the lunch menu was quite reasonably priced.

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User comments

  • Matt Murtagh

    It's a shame you feel this way as Aujourd'hui is one of my favorite restaurants and it's odd to me that you comment on their lunch menu as they haven't served lunch for some years. I've consistently found the food and service to be outstanding and I look forward to eating there whenever I'm in the Boston area.

  • J.J. Stives

    How sad to see your review of this old favorite of mine. I have not been there in many years, but I was a strong patron whenit first opened during the 1980's and early 90's and always found it top drawer in all respects. Nevrtheless, Four Seasons, as a chain, often seems to lose touch with what is goign on elsewhere and Boston is Boston and there are times when it makes good sense to eat in another state. Having endured the agony of living and working in the Boston area three different time sin my life, I must say that this restaurnat was one fo the few places I could count on for a top level meal and treatment of any guests I brought with me.