Bathers Pavilion

4 The Esplanade, Balmoral, Sydney, Australia

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  • +61 2 9968 1133
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The restaurant had a lovely view over Balmoral beach, though the building itself was rather faded and weather beaten. Garlic bruschetta was full of garlic but a bit too olive-oily. Prawn and coriander roll was adequate but with an overcooked outer skin, served with excellent cucumber relish marinated in French dressing with dill. A blue cheese tart was good, with light pastry and creamy very cheesy filling, served with a rather ordinary onion and fig chutney. A barramundi was served as a Thai style curry, and this was pretty good, offered with "flatbread", rather like a popadom in texture, served with chutney.

Grey snapper was served with green mango slivers and bean sprouts, with a sweet potato cake (too stodgy and bland) and an excellent sweet chilli sauce, with plenty of bite (12/20). Accompanying button mushrooms were pleasant. Hazelnut waffles were served with poached apricots and praline ice creaml this was decent rather than inspiring. We drank Mount Mary Chardonnay with the meal. The food was at 12/20 level overall which given a price tag of GBP 60 per head for lunch was pretty excessive - customers are essentially paying a premium for the great view.

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  • Anon

    When your review is around 15 years old. Maybe its time to update it? The food at Bathers has been outstanding for the past 5 years I have been eating there.