ITC Maurya Hotel, Diplomatic Enclave, Delhi, India

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I must confess to being a bit confused by the media adulation over Bhukara. It is often touted as being the best restaurant in India, yet it seemed to me merely very pleasant. It is noted for its tandoori food, and indeed this was very good e.g. tender chicken tikka. Naans can reach spectacular sizes - I saw one for a large party arriving the size of a table being carried by three waiters. The bread was certainly good, but less so than at a few other restaurants I can think of. I did enjoy the makhani dhal, which had excellent texture.

However, generally I think the place is over-hyped.

Further reviews: 04th Mar 2014

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    Try Ummami, a world cuisine fine dining restaurant in Gurgaon. You'll love the pizzas, sushi and even the khauseuy.

  • Japleen

    I have lived in India for the better part of my life, and I really feel that Bukhara does not deserve the glittery titles that it receives. Having travelled a bit in India, I can suggest fantastic road side Dhabas which have the real Dal Bukhara, cooked overnight for 12 hours on a real Bhatti. Having eaten at Bukhara on a recent trip to Delhi, I found the tandoori dishes dry and the portions minute compared to the high prices. Yes, the ambience is worth experiencing, yes sitting on toad stools can be fun for a while, wearing the bib a bit ridiculous but the food-never again!!

  • Dipabkar Sanyal

    Your are right, the food is good but overhyped. I grew up in Delhi. Bhukara is just a very vulgarly expensive place in Indian context. I rather go to Karim's in Old delhi, true context and food and reasonable.

  • Oliver Thring

    I couldn't agree more - a friend and I visited Bukhara having travelled around Rajasthan for a month. The food was completely middling, and twenty times the price of better restaurants in the region. A couple of years ago, this place featured on Restaurant Magazine's World Top 50 list - at best, this was an embarrassing anomaly, and it's good to see it's been dropped.

  • Christopher Hendrix

    Bhukara definitely does have the best Indian food in New Delhi. Living there for 3 years on business I ate at all the luxury restaurants and found for Indian food this to be the number one in Delhi, it is NOT overrated at all.

  • Iestyn

    I completely agree with you. When I went around Northern India with friends we ate very well for very little money. I insisted we eat here due to all the critical acclaim. To be honest it was no better than anywhere we had been, and worse than many places. The atmosphere was dire, full of ex-pat expense accounts, the waiters were snooty, the food hit and miss. On top of that the prices were shocking for India and not that easy to take for a bunch of brits at the end of a holiday. Its not that the food was bad, it just seemed perverse to pay quite a lot of money to eat ok food in a fake village restaurant environment when you could eat better food in a real authentic restaurant minutes away for less than a 30th of the price.