Cafe Japan

626 Finchley Road, London, England, NW11 7RR, United Kingdom

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Cafe Japan had simple café surroundings with bench seating as well as a bar where food was served to customers seated on bar stools. It was packed out tonight. Service was stretched but friendly. This was pretty much entirely a sushi and sashimi place, with no meat dishes that I could see, and almost everything being raw fish of various kinds others than specials and just a few hot dishes. Miso soup was pleasant. I had sashimi tuna, with eight prettily presented pieces of good tuna, with pickled ginger and wasabi (13/20). Grilled eel was served on a bed of rice that had absorbed the cooking juices and was excellent (14/20). Blackened cod was capable with good flavour (13/20). This place was very fair value. I had Kirin beer, but other Japanese beers and some wines were also available.

Further reviews: 27th Feb 2019

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@G00dKai I have been to them both, though not recently for French Laundry. They are all good restaurants so there is no poor choice there.