Cal Pep

Placa de les Olles 8, Barcelona, 08003, Spain

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Many people reckon this the best tapa bar in Barcelona. It is tucked away near the sea-front and is a simple, small place wth bar stools, with a little dining room at the back with tables and a long queue of people waiting to eat. There was no menu offered: things just arrived. A dish of peas with prawns, artichokes and broad beans was excellent, with nicely cooked prawns and very high quality peas that had lovely flavour (15/20). Pieces of beef fillet were cooked simply with slices of fried potatoes, and tasted fine (14/20).  Chicken croquettes had a crisp outside batter if rather limited chicken taste (13/20) while the only relatively dull dish was some toasted bread made with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil; this was a little cold (11/20). Best was a simply cooked dish of monkfish that was beautifully timed and very fresh; this is a fish that is easy to mess up, and here it was very fine indeed (16/20).

The long queue of locals tells you all you need to know.

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  • Madan Sheina

    Spot-on review Andy; the lines tell the true story of the food. But this isn't exactly a family-ergonomic restaurant (i.e. don't take your 3 and half year old toddler along!). Plus, when you finally get seated you have to deal with numerous salivating punters standing in line behind, burning holes in the back of your head!