Charlie Trotters

816 W. Armitage Ave.(Halsted St.), Chicago, 60614-4308, United States

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Editor's note - in December 2011 it was announced that this restaurant would close in August 2012.

This was a very famous restaurant (he modestly called himself the “best chef in the world”) but was very ordinary indeed on our visit.  I have heard other good reports, but clearly the kitchen is not able to consistently deliver, based on my solitary visit.

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User comments

  • Nic Moga

    Interesting if fairly unspectacular meal experience. For the food on the plate (not one dish was particularly memorable but there were no disasters) I would give him a solid one-star rating. I assume the second-star Michelin bestowed on him was more for his dedication to the profession than the actual eating experience here. A highlight for me was Mr. Trotter himself, who stopped by on several occasions to chat and made sure the kitchen gave me a few extra courses. This place has been open for over 20 years; this guy has published numerous cookbooks, been on TV countless times, entertains inner-city youths at his restaurant on off-hours, and lives just a block away from his "real home." Should he never receive a third star it certainly won't be due to lack of effort.

  • Joy

    Give 'Restaurant Charlie' a try at the Palazzo in Las Vegas, NV. WAY more worth it than the tired Chicago store...

  • Dan L

    No disagreement here. I went to Trotter's recently and have to say that the best chef in the world isn't even the best chef in Chicago (That title belongs firmly to Grant Achatz). Service was outright amateur, and the food, while not bad by any means, was completely unspectacular.

  • Dr. B. Wollman

    Spot on review -- but my biggest complaint about Trotter's is the service: totally untrained for all its pretentions -- water glasses filled to overflowing, flatware handled (not brought on a napkined plate, expensive wine decanted next to smokers. With pictures of all those famous French Michelin restaurants on the wall, you'd think Trottered make some attempt to emulate them. I suspect those who give Trotter a good review simply haven't been to the "real thing".

  • Alexandre

    You must have had a bad experience. Your reviews are always spot on,but I must respectfully disagree with you in this one. I have been to Charlie Trotter's three times (in February of 2002, October of 2004 and November of 2005). All of the meals I had there were excellent. I am planning another trip in November of 2007. By US standards, Charlie Trotter's is one of the very best, although I admit the man himself is quite cocky. As an overall experience, I would compare Charlie Trotter's to a slightly overrated *** restaurant or a seriously underrated ** restaurant.

  • Chris

    Most unfortunate to hear about an ordinary meal from Charlie Trotters. I found his meal to be outstanding. I would rate it slightly better than the French Laundry and for slightly less money. I look forward to the next time I am in Chicago and have the time to drop in.