Le Comptoir et la Table

1 Quai de la Marine, Deauville, 14800, France

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This is a simple seaside restaurant that has been running for many decades, though it changed ownership quite recently. It is situated right on the sea front, with outside tables looking out to the boats that throng the harbour. There is a daily changing blackboard menu for €30 as well as a full printed menu of options. The dining room is brightly decorated, with tables reasonably well spaced. There is a tiled floor, wood panelled walls and tables are adorned with white linen tablecloths.

The wine list started at €22, and there were plenty of options under €30, as well as some posher wines, though vintages were not mentioned. Labels included Vincent Girardin Clos de Comme Santenay at €42 for a bottle that you can find in the high street for $34, the lovely Guigal Brune et Blondes at €78 (which retails at about €50 or so) and Chateau Talbot at $145 for a wine whose price varies considerably by vintage but for recent years would retail at about €75.

Salad of artichokes (€12) came with rocket and Parmesan. The rocket had a pleasant peppery taste and the artichokes were fine, the salad dressing reasonably balanced but rather more of it would have been welcome (11/20). Turbot with ginger (€35) was correctly cooked, and the ginger flavour came though nicely (12/20). Risotto with scallops (€38) had properly cooked whole scallops, though the risotto texture was rather dense. However it was made with a decent stock and there was a pleasant richness to it through some Parmesan that had been added to it (12/20). 

For dessert, panna cotta with red fruits was made well enough and tasted of vanilla, though the red fruits did not have a lot of flavour (11/20). Rum baba was certainly not dry, having been drowned with rum, rendering it too alcoholic and a little soggy (10/20).

Service was friendly though of the "who ordered what?" variety. The bill came to €96 (£68) a head, thought that was with plenty of good wine. If you shared a modest bottle then a typical cost per person would be around £45. This seems to me a touch high for the level of food that appeared, though you are doubtless paying a bit of a premium for the sea view. Le Comptoir et la Table is a cut above the tourist traps that seem to abound in the area, and is a pleasant enough place for a simple meal.

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