Da Nang Kitchen and Bar

216 King Street, Hammersmith, London, England, W6 0RA, United Kingdom

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My third meal at Da Nang Kitchen started with soft shell crab; this was a cut above the norm, entirely avoiding the greasiness that often afflcits this dish (12/20). A seafood red curry had pleasant prawns, mussels and squid with a spicy coconut-based sauce (12/20). Prawns with chill and tamarind were properly cooked, the tamarind giving some sweetness (12/20) whilst noodles came with pork and assorted stir-fried vegetables, the texture of the noodles spot on (13/20). Service was extremely capable, unusually attentive and very friendly. The bill came to £30 a head including beer to drink.  

My second meal at Da Nang was in February 2013, and as before was a somewhat mixed bag. A starter of soft shell crab avoided greasiness, flavoured with salt and chilli – neither of these too strong (12/20). Vietnamese salad of chicken had crushed peanuts, herbs, garlic, chilli and lemongrass and was pleasant enough (12/20).

A main course of aroma char-grilled honey pork with lemongrass and chilli did not work at all – the pork dry, the spices not really coming through (9/20). Better were stir-fried prawns with tamarind sauce and sweet basil, the prawns nicely cooked, the tamarind providing a hint of sweetness (12/20). Also pleasant was Morning glory (a leafy plant also known by the less appealing name of swamp cabbage), stir-fried with garlic and chilli, the vegetables having retained their texture and the spicing well judged (12/20). The best dish by some margin was the stir-fried egg noodles with beansprouts and spring onion, the noodles having lovely texture, cooked just right (14/20).  Service was friendly, and although the meal was rather uneven this certainly has the edge over the generally mediocre fare of King Street.

Further reviews: 23rd Nov 2012

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