2-5-2 Kyobashi, Chou-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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This little tempura retaurant is tucked away in a side street in the Ginza district. There is an L shaped wooden counter, with ten seats, plus two small tables. Each diner has a red lacquer tray on which is played soy, radish, salt and lemon; the tempura pieces are placed on a little metal tray. Two chefs work behind the counter, working with a pair of large woks for the deep frying. The batter is being constantly and freshly made.

A mini prawn was a tasty start; the batter was very light, and the prawn had good taste. A full size prawn was even better. A succession of vegetables appeared: a red pepper, an onion, a piece of aubergine, some asparagus.  Particularly notable was sweetcorn somehow rolled out to a flat sheet; this was particularly sweet. Two different white fish were also presented, again with good taste and the same excellent batter.

An excellent miso soup, rice and pickles were brought to finish. It was hard to choose between this and Ten Ichi for tempura. The batter at Ten ichi was a fraction more delicate, but this was also terrific. Service was very friendly.  The bill was just JPY 5,250 per person for the food, which was less than half the price of Ten Ichi

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User comments

  • Dennis

    We had a similar menu in September 2015, and it cost JPY7,500 each.

  • Jorge

    Thanks for info, I was trying to find some good restaurants in Tokyo that are reasonably priced, and this seems to be a winner, we are definitely going to try this when we are there next week!