3201 Esplanade Avenue , New Orleans, United States

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My opinions of this place were formed over two contrasting visits, one in 1999 and one in 2000. On my second visit I found a sad deterioration of what was once a very good restaurant. The place has an unusually shaped small dining room, and offered very friendly service. Sadly the chef has become overly spread out, opening a second restaurant in town (Gamay) and now drifting between the places. Maybe Alain Ducasse can do this, but this guy is not Alan Ducasse. My enchilada (speciality of the house) was of Taco Bell standard (10/20) while a salad of crawfish remoulade was better, having a nice mustard dressing (14/20). My wife’s snapper was adequate, but in a totally bland creamy sauce with tasteless button mushrooms. My fried chicken with rosemary was harmless (11/20) while passion fruit sorbet had a lumpy texture (12/20). It is very clear that the chef working here at the time of my second visit is a pale imitation of the person who set the place up (I had marked this 15/20 in 1999). Coffee at least was very good.


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