Gerards Place

915 15th Street (between I and K streets), Washington, 20005-2302, United States

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  • +1 (202) 737 4445
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This has a low-ceilinged dining room with tent-like drapes across the ceiling. Bread, often a telling sign in a restaurant, was stale and poor (10/20). Soft shell crab did not have particularly good flavour, with a sauce that was far too citric (10/20). Sea bass seemed none too fresh to me but was accompanied by good morels with a reasonable creamy sauce (11/20). Coffee was fine. The wine list is mostly French but has no half bottles. As ever in lesser restaurants, although I left almost all of my sea bass (just one bite taken) the waiter removed the plate with no inquiry at all as top whether there was any problem with the dish. Given the prices, this cannot be recommended, whatever Zagat thinks.

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