26 Maddox Street, London, England, W1S 1QH, United Kingdom

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Goodman’s continues to prosper by the tried and tested formula of offering high quality meat to the carnivorous. The dining room is a little on the dark side, and does not bother with fripperies such as tablecloths. One reflection of the greater scale of operation was apparent at my visit today. On checking on whether the British beef was still supplied by O’Sheas, I was told that they only have that now at certain times, and that other suppliers were also used. This dilution of focus is perhaps understandable given the considerable demands of volume that Goodman and its Burger and Lobster sibling must place on suppliers, but a rib eye that I sampled today, whilst very good, did not have the same quality as I recall from my first visit. The burger and chips was very good, the quality of meat used clearly high, but it was not obviously better than at Burger and Lobster. This is still a very good steak house, but it felt a notch less special than it did on my first visit. 


Further reviews: 13th Sep 2010

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