Gordon Ramsay at Verre

Hilton Dubai Creek, Beniyas Road , Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Important note: this review was written when Jason Atherton was cooking here, so the review should be treated with considerable caution given the different chef (Scott Price) now.  It should also be noted that the relationship of Verre with Gordon Ramsay has, as of late 2011, ceased, though the same chef is continuing in place.

There’s no getting away from him. A team from Gordon’s main restaurant London opened Verre in 2001, and I have to say they are doing a very fine job indeed, producing a meal better than can be had at either Claridges or the Connaught in London (both under Ramsay’s supervision). The dining room is on the first floor at the surprisingly sleek and sophisticated Hilton in bustling Dubai Creek (I never thought I’d have "sleek" and "Hilton" in the same sentence, but there you are). The dining room is modern and elegant, with top-class white linen tablecloths – you have to pinch yourself to realise you are not in London. 

The amuse-bouche of chilled pea soup was rich and excellent, and the breads here are baked fresh and delicious. The sea scallops were roasted and served with a superb caper and raisin dressing (sounds odd but it worked) and with baby raisin beignets giving a texture balance, along with a silky cauliflower puree – the sharp taste of the capers was an excellent foil to the gentle flavours of the cauliflower puree and scallops (18/20). The ravioli of lobster and salmon had excellent pasta and high quality salmon and lobster, a little marjoram adding a well chosen additional dimension, with an intensely flavoured veloute of lobster (17/20). 

John Dory was roasted and served with wild mushrooms and an elegant veloute of ceps, with a little brandade of the John Dory on the side (18/20). The halibut was pan fried and offered with another fine ravioli, this time of langoustines, with a Sauternes sauce and a little oscietra caviar. There is a cheese board but you can’t get unpasteurised cheese here, so I skipped this. The service is excellent and even the coffee is top notch. Just don’t read the prices on the wine list or it will ruin your evening. The food itself for two came to under £90, and there is a long tasting menu from about £50, so this represents excellent value apart from the alcohol.

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User comments

  • Albin

    Loved the food, atmosphere, service and the overall rating is = superb. I recommend it! (if I have to say something negative; we didn't appreciate the switch of sommelier in the middle of a menu.)

  • Carm

    I was at Verre at the beginning of October and what a disappointment! The level of service and food were mediocre at best. The service started well enough when the restaurant was half empty (I had an early dinner). However, towards the end of my meal, I was literally ignored by the servers, mainly because they had no time to be attentive when the restaurant became full. The restaurant was so short staffed that it took half an hour to get my coffee after my dessert, and it was only after repeated reminders. I only have one thing to say about the food....SALTY. I had to wash down my food with water. I have been to many star restaurants around the globe but this is a thumbs down.

  • Nicola Siotto

    Went there in occasion of my wife's birthday. The treat was up to expectations and made us feel a touch of exclusivity. Although as an Italian I am acquainted with generous food portions, taking in consideration this was French cusine, the experience has been great and would repeat it again for sure.

  • Alexandre Tabet

    My wife and I had gone to Verre a couple of years ago. At the time, I must say it was excellent by Dubai standards and good by any standard. I would have given it a low ** rating at best and a high * rating at the very worst. We went there again 10 days ago to celebrate our two year anniversary. The quality of the cuisine has definitely dropped a little. It is still a fine restaurant, worthy of a * rating, but not more. The amuse-bouche and appetizers were very good (probably a 7/10). However, the main courses were not that great (6/10), nor were the desserts (5/10). Furthermore, the service was spotty. The sommelier is excellent, but the waiters aren't good. And the room could use a lift. It still looks fine, but it is getting tired. If GR wishes to maintain Verre's reputation as one of the top 2 or 3 restaurants in Dubai, he had better focus his efforts on this restaurant. Pierre Gagnaire just opened a restaurant across the street from Verre and it is reportedly excellent. Michelin just announced that they will review Dubai restaurant starting 2011, so that is bound to attract more major chefs. GR has some work to do if he wishes Verre to remain among the heavy hitters in the culinary scene of Dubai.

  • Brian Gallacher

    So much for my fellow-Scot, Ramsay's efforts here ... terse and impersonal service made us feel so uncomfortable we left with MY 'signature' dish ... DESSERT!