Gotham Bar and Grill

12 East 12th St. (between 5th Avenue & University, New York, 10003-4498, United States

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  • +1 (212) 620-4020
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This popular establishment has a very attractive dining room with high ceilings and a lively bar along one side of the dining room. I started with a very capable linguine with nicely cooked chanterelle mushrooms and spinach (15/20). This was followed by an attractively displayed fan of slices of rare yellow-fin tuna, in the centre of which was a roll of pappardelle pasta containing decorative twigs of rosemary (15/20). The passion fruit soufflé was capable rather than inspired, the outer layer cooked just a little too much, though the filling had excellent flavour (14/20). Service was good, and both bread and coffee were fine. A very pleasant overall experience, though prices are a little high with main courses at around $34. 

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User comments

  • Amol Parnaik

    Pricey, and portions were too large but what on the plate was pretty good. I had an excellent risotto followed by a delicious, if enormous barbecue pork chop. The tarte tatin dessert was also good, 15 seems like a fair mark. A beautiful, New York looking restaurant also.

  • Nic Moga

    Almost ten years after your review (and 28 years after opening!) this place is still going strong. I ate here on a Saturday night and the place was buzzing with excitement. Efficient, casual, friendly service with decent food: Mayan shrimp cocktail, corn soup with peeky toe crab, and a ridiculously expensive (but satisfying) Niman ranch steak completed the experience. Although they appear to be playing it a bit conservative with menu choices this clearly is a place without an identity crisis. Assuming the "quintessential NYC dining experience" is somewhat subjective I'd still like to see a better example than this. Thumbs up.

  • DAS

    Creative and well presented food where they pile the food higher...and higher..and higher. In fact, didn't Gotham start this penchant for height way back when? A tad expensive.