High Road Brasserie

162 Chiswick High Road, Chiswick, London, England, W4 1PR, United Kingdom

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High Road Brasserie is the ground floor all-day dining offering of High Road House in Chiswick, which has a separate members bar and restaurant upstairs. It is very well placed on the busy Chiswick High Road, just a short distance from Turnham Green tube and alongside a parade of shops. As well as the dining room there is semi-covered outdoor seating in decent weather.

The menu is a la carte and has plenty of standard bistro offerings. Steak tartare is a good example, served with sourdough toast and with a bottle of Tabasco sauce for those who like their tartare spicier. The beef was not chopped too fine and for me could have had more seasoning, but at least the means to season further were provided. This was simple and pleasant (12/20).

Four cheese ravioli came with strips of pickled onion and artichoke crisps. The pasta had good texture and there was plenty of cheese flavour, with the sourness of the pickled onions a nice touch as this cut through the richness of the cheese. For me there could have been more onions, but the main issue were the artichoke crisps, which would have been a good addition to the dish if they were actually crisp. These were not quite soggy but they were not really crisp either, and rather let down what would otherwise have been a better dish (12/20).  Fish and chips were competently made if unexceptional, the haddock having a reasonably crisp batter, served with mushy peas, and with reasonably crisp chips on the side (12/20). 

Service was very good, with excellent wine topping up by our friendly waitress. Our bill came to £133 per person, but that was with a bottle of good champagne, which bumped the bill up. A more typical cost per person here might be around £85.  High Road Brasserie has a fairly simple formula, offering a menu of appealing dishes, cooked competently and with better than normal service. The price is objectively quite high for what is delivered, and that is the main caveat here, but it is a pleasant overall experience, and the place is consistently busy at both lunch and dinner.

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