40 Belle Vue Street, Filey, Yorkshire, YO14 9HY, United Kingdom

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Inghams is in a terrace of shops near a flight of steps leading down to the impressive beach at Filey. The dining room is in two sections, with a distinctly nautical theme to the decor. There are model ships, lobster pots, seashells and indeed just about every maritime-themed cliche that can be imagined, as if Walt Disney had designed a chippie.

There is an episode of Frasier in which the two brothers order a drink in an unfamiliar bar. Wine expert Niles looks at the list of wines carefully and says, "I'll have the, er, white." He would have felt at home here, as there were four wines listed, but they were "white medium, dry, red or rose", albeit at a distinctly modest £12 a bottle. Mineral water was a very fair £1.50 a bottle, a price not seen in a London restaurant for many a year. Bread and butter could be ordered for just 20p.

The menu was quite short, with a small portion of haddock and chips at £7.10, which you could upsize for an additional £1.50. Scampi (£8.50) was rather disappointing, with a less than crisp batter containing just a general fishy mush rather than the individual langoustine tails that I found in the same dish at The Quayside in Whitby. Chips avoided greasiness but could have been crisper, and on the side was a distinctly odd salad involving, as well as lettuce, tomato, and onion, grated cheese (9/20). Tartare sauce was from a sachet.

Much better was the haddock itself, with a batter that was crisp if a touch thick, and decent tasting fish that was cooked correctly (12/20). Mushy peas, though, were a lurid green colour and distinctly unappetising (8/20). With just soft drinks the bill came to just £12 per head before service, though this was for only one course. If you ate three courses and ordered the "er, white", then a typical bill per head might come to around £26 a head. The waitresses were pleasant and efficient.

Inghams offers a decent enough basic experience, especially if you stick to the haddock and chips and avoid straying into more exotic territory. From my admittedly limited research this is widely regarded as the best fish and chip shop in Filey, but it does not compare well to the real thing in Whitby, such as The Quayside

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User comments

  • Lorraine

    We went for fish and chips to inghams on the impression it looked very inviting from the outside whilst on a family outing, once we were in and seated we ordered our meal with very fast table service recieved, however I felt the hygiene of the cafe was very low which in turn put us straight off our meal which actually looked ok. After leaving half of our lunch I went to toilet only to find excresion all over toilet seat. I informed waitress who looked like she would sort it out in her own time. As a family we will not be returning to inghams.

  • Rachel White

    For superior fish and chips in Filey go to The Brown Room. Smaller and less pretentious than Inghams, but a much better meal.