Jamavar London

8 Mount Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 3NF, United Kingdom

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Jamavar is across the road from the Connaught hotel on Mount Street, spread over a ground floor main room and an additional basement dining room. See my previous reviews for details of the background, the head chef, the wine list etc.

At this meal aloo tikki was excellent, with just the right amount of sharpness from the onion to balance the yoghurt and potato (15/20). A stuffed pepper starter was superb, the bell peppers filled with paneer, chopped purple potato, Indian mustard and aam ka murabba, a tangy mango jam. The filling had excellent flavour balance and the peppers possessed a hint of smokiness from the charcoal of the tandoor (easily 15/20).

A quail dish was quite good and nicely spiced but the pieces of meat were very small so the flavour of the quail was somewhat obscured (13/20). My favourite dish here is the stone bass tikka, which was good as ever, with gorgeous texture and a gentle smoky flavour note from the charcoal of the tandoor (easily 16/20, pushing 17/20).

Morel curry was excellent, with green peas, tomato and a buttery sauce flavoured with star anise (15/20). Black dhal was as good as usual, cooked overnight and with pleasing texture and deep, rich flavour (15/20). On the side, bhindi (okra) was good, avoiding the sliminess that so often afflicts this dish (14/20). A basket of bread was also classy, the assorted breads having lovely texture (14/20). The bill came to £59 each with beer to drink. Service was very good indeed, the staff here being well drilled and attentive. Jamavar, quite simply, serves the best Indian food in London at the moment.

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