Jin Da Thai

1 Studland Street, London, W6 0JS, United Kingdom

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This neighbourhood restaurant opened in 2017 and features the cuisine of northern Thailand. The cooler climate of the north tends to lead to a lot of herbs and vegetables being used compared to the cooking of the south of the country. The extensive menu at Jin Da Thai is modestly priced, with starters around £5.50, stir-fried dishes under £9, mains courses under a tenner and desserts all less than a fiver. Singha beer was £3.95, and there were also half a dozen wine offerings. Silver Ghost Cabernet Sauvignon was £17.95 compared to its retail price of £6, for example. Corkage was £6 a bottle, which is about a tenth of several central London venues these days.

Tom yum goong soup didn’t look much but actually had plenty of flavour, its spices lively (13/20). Prawn and pork dumplings were pleasant, though not especially exciting, presented in a little steamer basket (12/20). Crab rice had distinct grains of nicely cooked rice and good crab flavour (13/20). Som tam had lively spicing and good textures in the salad (13/20). I was impressed with prawn red curry, whose prawns were carefully cooked but in particular whose sauce tasted really vibrant, with the different spices and the taste of the other elements coming though really well (14/20).

The bill came to £40 a head, including plenty of beer to drink and more food than a sensible person would eat. Service was very friendly and attentive even though quite stretched on this busy evening. Overall, I really enjoyed this little restaurant, whose food is a class higher than most Thai restaurants in London yet whose prices are modest.

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