K Pauls

416 Chartres Street, French Quarter, New Orleans, United States

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  • +1 (213) 524 7394
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The best jambalaya in town (though I guess the Pelican Club might argue with that). This is hearty, full-on Cajun cooking with no butter spared. For lunch get there as early as possible, as the restaurant is usually full by noon (no booking for lunch) but you sail in at 11:40. Salmon was bronzed and served with an asparagus and sweet potato, with a veal reduction (it seems a general problem that true vegetarians will have a hard time in New Orleans, as many of the fish dishes were served with some meat or have a meat-based sauce). Blackened tuna was very good, though you may want to ask for your steak a level rarer than usual, since medium rare got me medium to well cooked. Black-eyed peas were less good, but the fried chicken was excellent. Desserts were rich and fair rather than great, but you probably won’t get as far as ordering dessert, as this meal consisted of very rich food indeed. This review is based on a total of six visits in 1999 and 2000.


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