8 Station Parade, Uxbridge Road, London, England, W5 3LD, United Kingdom

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This simple Japanese restaurant serves the kind of food served in izakayas (pubs) in Japan. Due to its proximity to the Japanese school in London nearby there are lots of Japanese customers – indeed I have hardly seen a westerner eating here. It has very basic décor but is good value.

At the meal today, breaded pork curry had nicely cooked pork with a good coating, served with rice and a curried sauce. The sace itself was a bit one-dimensional in terms of spicing but the pork was good (13/20). Eel on a bed of rice was very pleasant, the eel glazed with a slightly sweet soy sauce before being grilled. The sauce seeps into the bed of rice, giving it flavour (13/20). The bill was £20 a head with just soft drinks. I would say that their grilled mackerel, which they did not have today, is probably their best dish.   

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