Karlsplatz 25, Am Stachus, Munich, Germany

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Konigshof is in a smart boutique hotel in the centre of Munich. It has a very attractive dining room on the first floor, overlooking the busy Karlsplatz. Although the room has a low ceiling it has picture windows overlooking the place, allowing lots of natural light. Tables are well spaced and chairs are classic and comfortable. The wine list is vast, and not just in terms of choices - it is physically so large that they bring it on its own little table so you can read it comfortably. Prices are quite fair, with a 2005 Fritz Haag Spatlese trocken at EUR 50, but with top end French wines at only a little above retail price in some cases.

We had the tasting menu. An amuse-bouche of a tempura of cod and jellied cod was impressive in technique, the tempura light and the jelly working well (18/20). Crayfish were tender, served with a base of sorrel and very delicate cucumber, thinly sliced and flavoured with a dressing, also served with a little bacon (16/20). Better still was superb grilled tuna on a bed of delicate Chinese noodles with a tomato and olive vinaigrette (18/20). Fillet of sea bass was fresh and perfectly cooked, served with lovely baby morels (18/20). Breton lobster avoided any hint of chewiness and was served with glazed chicory and pink grapefruit (17/20). The cheese board was in good condition, with mostly French classics such as Brie and a ripe Munster, but also some others such as a Gorgonzola (17/20).  A dessert plate of chocolate was classy, with fine chocolate cake, superb fondant and an excellent mousse (18/20). Coffee was less good, being a little stewed (12/20).  Service was impeccable and the sommelier excellent. Bread was not made on the premises but is from a local baker and warmed up, but it was still very pleasant (17/20). 

Michelin gives this one star in 2007 but Gault Millau gives it 18/20. In this case I would say Gault Millau 1 v Michelin 0.  This was clearly two star cooking. The tasting menu was EUR 120 for the food.

Further reviews: 12th Jul 2018

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User comments

  • Nic Moga

    Classic French dining. Absolutely superb stuff. Although I ate here 7 years after yourself I'm happy to report that the head chef (Martin Fauster) remains unchanged as does the overall experience. At the risk of being a bit self-indulgent, a few random thoughts: 1. All courses that you list are different in 2014. Not surprising but still important I think. 2. They had real candles at every table. I have never seen this before in all of my eight years of chasing Michelin stars. 3. This restaurant had one of the best dishes I have ever eaten: Bresse pigeon with cherries and Mole. 4. Very good service. On my left sat a table of twelve. On my right an older gentleman with two others who was ordering numerous bottles of wine from the list you describe (yes it had its own table) that were not cheap. I never felt slighted during the whole evening and was treated like a VIP. 5. Very unique wine pairings. Cidre Chataigne (Kystin) with the cheeses and a white wine (?2009 Mersault/Bouchard Aine - Cote de Baune) with the suckling pig were among them. 6. Mr. Fauster likes pouring things! I think with every dish but one there was a superb sauce added by the staff. 7. In summary, this was my 50th Michelin restaurant and a very, very worthy addition to the list. Cheers and thanks for the recommendation.


    My most recent visit to the Konigshof refreshed those of many years prior when I stayed in the hotel and always found it a satisfying experience. Like so many German hotels, they maintain a data base of customers from years before and thus they "knew" me when I arrived. A nice touch, to be sure. This whole property, at the pivotal point in the city, remains an old treasure in Munich and little has changed. While it may seem silly to say this, what I recalled about my earlier visits as a lone diner in the 1970's was that this was the first restaurant where I had seen a waiter pour from a champagne bottle with his thumb inserted in the hollow base, making pouring a more elegant motion than by gripping the bottle around the label. Service and attention to detail remain top drawer and as a solo diner, as I have been many times before, the staff gave just enough attention to me so as not to appear inattentive. The menu and wine selection are above reproach. Getting a table on two days notice took the intervention of Evi Winkler, wife of Heinz Winkler, at the Residenz Heinz Winkler in Aschau, and the restaurant Director apologized about not giving me a window table on a Friday night. No matter, it is still one of the best and, as usual, I must agree with your observations and comments.