La Dama

avenue Diagonal 423, Barcelona , Spain

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  • +34 (93) 202 06 86
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la Dama is a delightful classical restaurant in central Barcelona, with a small but very pretty dining room upstairs in the elegant building. Service is extremely good, much better than their solitary Michelin star would indicate. The cooking is a cross between French and some Spanish dishes, and over three visits I have found it one of the most reliable of the restaurants in Barcelona itself. The cooking is reliable rather than striking, with most dishes around the 16/20 level e.g. a fine lobster paella, prettily displayed. Prices are fair for the level of cooking.


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User comments

  • Larson

    A disgrace to its michelin star. Our exotic sounding vermicelli paella starter was a pack of 2 minute noodles cut up, greased profusely and sparsely littered with a few morsels of unidentifiable seafood. A simple chateaubriand ordered medium was served bleeding profusely whilst still gasping its dying breath. Pretentious service to boot. Be warned!