56 Place de Armes, Chagny, France

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Please be aware that Jacques Lameloise retired on February 1st 2009, so treat the brief review below with appropriate caution.

Chagny is a village in Burgundy, about 90 miles due north of Lyon. There are a few rooms at the restaurant, which are pleasant if by no means cheap. The dining room itself is simple, with a secondary area off the main room. Nothing grand here - just a calm area to enjoy your dinner. Lobster salad was served in two layers millefeuille style, resting in a dazzling intense emulsion of tomatoes (19/20). Langoustines were cooked beautifully, each wrapped in a wafer-thin layer of crispy potato (18/20). Turbot was very fresh and timed superbly, served with stunning sautéed artichokes (18/20). I had fricassee of Bresse chicken, served with excellent girolles and a light sauce of the cooking juices (19/20).

Cheeses were in excellent condition (19/20). A dome of chocolate was stuffed with raspberry and vanilla parfait and was hard to fault (19/20). I went for an ancient dish – crepes Suzette cooked at the table, flambéed in Grand Marnier (18/20). Coffee was excellent (19/20). The wine list has many fine burgundies but also a decent selection from elsewhere, though it is not cheap. Service was impeccable. No real fireworks here, but no slips of any kind, and the highest quality of ingredients married to fine technique.

Lameloise deservedly regained its 3rd star in the Michelin 2007 France guide.

Further reviews: 22nd Aug 2015

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User comments

  • lisa

    Stayed here on our honeymoon in 1990 and had the best meal of my life. Stayed again in 2011 and it was again outstanding. Lovely friendly staff, can't wait to go back

  • David W

    Second visit was even better than the first, my favourite 3 star in France. Had the best lamb dish I have ever eaten.

  • David W

    We visited this restaurant yesterday, and found it to be very good. The service was nice and relaxed, although possibly too much at times as I was rarely offered refills. Personally I thought it lacked that elusive last 2%, but I would still say it is worthy of 3 stars.

  • Ron and Melinda

    We had booked Lameloise after learning the chef had retired. Having just returned from a week of fine dining in France and Germany, I can say we were very pleased with the new Chef, Eric Pras.

  • Richard

    This was our second 3 star. It was all what we think a 3 star should be - friendly and outstanding. We took our children, which we informed them about prior to the visit. When we arrived we were shown to a 'Private Room' which I thought was great we didn't have to worry about worrying other 3 Star diners. Some may have thought we were separated from the feel of the dining room - we loved it and could really relax. The food and wine was faultless. But the difference I find between the 3 stars and the others is the thought, care and service.

  • Jeremy Smyth

    What impresses me about this restaurant is that it has an informality that I like without sacrifing the standard of service. Unquestionably the food is good and also good value; not adventurous perhaps but many adventures lead to disaster! Highly recommended.

  • Pierre

    Having been there with a very good friend of the chef will probably give me a rather biased opinion. However, the experience was quite good, though not up to the very best places i have seen. Still, the prices are very reasonable, and it's so much better than blanc or bocuse that it's worth the visit.