Masa (San Francisco)

648 Bush St (between Powell & Stockton Streets),, San Francisco, 94108-3509, United States

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  • +1 (415) 989-7154
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At one time the best restaurant in San Francisco, Masa’s has suffered from its chef Julian Serrano moving on to, of all places, Las Vegas, which has become a popular place for celebrity chefs.  Now the cooking is still good, but hardly worth the USD 150 a head price tag. The dining room is formal, in a somewhat unlikely basement of the charming but mid-range Vintage Court hotel. The wine list was good, including Chateau d’Yquem dessert wine by the (half) glass.  Food is traditional French.

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    Alas, you are quite right. Nothing ever stays the way it was. Masa's has a reputation to live up to and now often fails to do that. Service seems as variable as the food. I have had to plead with a waiter NOT to waste my time with his florid details of how the dish is prepared. [On more than one occasion I have had them ask me if I wanted to know how the shrimp were prepared. I declined, noting that I was sure they had been given proper warning before hitting the suate pan.]In a city that has something like one restaurant for every 10 people, it's pretty hard to stay on top. I agree about the wine as well and having that lovely opportunity to have a glass and not a whole bottle of really fine stuff is a big incentive to still go there.