71 High Holborn, London, England, WC1V 6EA, United Kingdom

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This restaurant has now closed. The brief notes below are of historical interest only. I rated it 11/20 when open.

The one caveat to this meal is that I arrived quite late, almost as they were closing; in particular this meant I was unable to try the tempura. Sushi was fine, pleasant rolls of tuna that in itself was a little dull. I also had a “California roll” i.e. avocado and crab roll (12/20) as well as a single unagi (eel) roll whose eel was a little greasy. Miso soup was fine if on the watery side (11/20).

However nothing could excuse the teriyaki chicken, eight small pieces of chicken, each of which was seriously overcooked, resulting in a distinctly chewy texture. The chicken was served just with token vegetables e.g. a strip of red pepper, a strip of courgette, and some rather thin teriyaki sauce, but the chicken was inexcusable (8/20). This dish alone cost £18. When you consider the price of chicken it makes things even worse. Fried rice was fine but this meal, with just a single small beer, came to £55 for one.


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  • Alex Chambers

    Speaking up for the St James' original, I've always been very impressed, though I must admit I only ever go to the sushi bar. The quality there is as good as I've found for sushi in London, with a strong sake list too.