Oxo Tower

8th floor, Oxo Tower, Barge House Street, London, England, SE1 9PH, United Kingdom

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This is a good place to take visitors to London or for a romantic evening, as the Oxo Tower has a stunning view over the river from its 8th floor perch. Hayler’s law of food says that food gets worse as it gets higher – witness airline food, ski lodges, revolving restaurants etc, but this is an exception. Despite some bizarrely hostile press when it opened (perhaps the usual free meals and grovelling were not offered to the denizens of the fourth estate?) I found the food here to be consistently competent over a number of visits, albeit at a rather high price. 

The modern British cooking has a wide selection of dishes and avoids undue excess, and both fish and meat are executed well, while ingredients are generally good.  You won’t get creative genius here, but you will get consistently well prepared, enjoyable cooking, and I wish I could say that of more restaurants.  Service is fine though it can be a bit stretched at times.  The wine list was also very good, with a wide selection from around the world.


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  • Glenn and Debra Hunt

    We have always found the Oxo consistentley good, the view sets the night off to a good start and a comprehensive wine list that you can always pick out a favorite at a fair price a good level of service and food to go with it. So far always a good evening for us and a great place to pop in to on the way home from a weekend in town.