Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, Delhi, India

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This is the all-day restaurant of the Leela Palace hotel, the name coming from its unusual design as a large glass cube. Its windows look out over the pretty gardens of the hotel. There is a daytime buffet as well as a la carte, and as well as Indian dishes diners can order Thai, Indonesian or western food, even pizza should they wish. Chicken tikka was good, five generous pieces of chicken that had been marinaded with spices before being cooked in a tandoor (13/20). Paratha was avoid greasiness but also a touch hard (12/20). Yellow dhal had reasonable texture, avoiding the wateriness that so often afflicts this dish (13/20). Paneer came with a vegetable sauce and was pleasant (12/20).

Not entirely surprisingly, the Indian dishes had the edge on the others. Nasi goreng was decent enough, a ball of properly cooked rice but which came with dried out chicken satay (11/20). Pad Thai was rather tasteless, though the texture of the noodles was reasonable (11/20).

The buffet was priced at INR 2,400, but when we ordered a la carte the bill with soft drinks came to around INR 1,600 ((£16) per person for a singe course at lunch. If you had beer to drink then a typical bill for three courses might be around £40 or so per head. Service was quite attentive. Overall, Qube is a decent enough hotel dining offering, but not somewhere that is really worth bothering with unless you are staying at the Leela.

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