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5 Charlotte Street, London, England, W1T 1NQ, United Kingdom

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Below are notes from a meal in 2006, by way of comparison.

Popadoms here come in all shapes and sizes, a basket of various style of popadoms, served with half a dozen home-made pickles. These were excellent e.g. lemon pickle, a tasty garlic pickle, a spicy lime pickle, even a fish pickle as well as a mint chutney (13/20). Crab thoron was a dish of brown crabmeat, stir-fried with spices, served on lettuce leaves (12/20). Spicy potato was excellent, cooked with mustard seeds and various spices, retaining the texture of the potato well (14/20). Uttapam, effectively Indian pizza, was a superb example here, the base having excellent texture, topped with tomatoes and chillies (14/20). Lemon rice was very good (13/20), as was a fluffy and grease-free paratha (14/20). For some reason they have dropped the bhindi off the menu, which was a shame as their version is the best I have eaten outside India. When I asked about this the waiter said "next time call ahead and we will make it for you" which I thought was very nice. Kulfi is home-made here and is also top class, in this case a mango kulfi having distinct mango flavour and texture free of ice crystals.

Further reviews: 01st Aug 2009

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