Real Greek

15 Hoxton Market , London , England, N1 6HG, United Kingdom

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Located in a desperately up and coming area, where the pop stars mingle with the seedy end of the rag-trade, this restaurant, which has since become a chain, matches the neighburhood. From the wooden floor to the open kitchen and the casually dressed staff, this exuded edgy trendiness. The menu was written in both Greek and English. There was no standard fare high street fare here: “marrow, feta and basil filo pie from Epirus, served with tomato and grape salad” and “poached meat dumplings and seared calf’s kidneys in an avgolemono sauce served with pan-fried chickpea kiofte” were example dishes.

We tried a grilled loin of tuna with a reasonable lentil salad and a rather dull olive pate. However my roast loin of pork was so chewy that my knife was unable to cut through it. Other than this the cooking delivered an acceptable meal, but this is quite ordinary food once you get beyond the exotic combinations. The wine list consists entirely of Greek wines, of which there are some promising examples these days. Service was friendly and good. If you decide to go there then visit the web site for directions – it is tucked away down some very unlikely streets.

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