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A very interesting, unassuming place introduced to me by Ari Sofianos, a Greek food expert. This is barely a restaurant, more a café, serving a no-choice meze menu. A couple of oddities: the meze, which had 25 little dishes, cost just £7.50 (we had a lot of wine, which is why the meal was more costly than it could have been) and seemed to feature very authentic Greek cooking. There were some definite touches of class here.

Yoghurt with honey as dessert featured home made (delicious) yoghurt. Main courses included tenderly cooked chicken, lamb cooked with a very light touch and pleasant moussaka. There was no pitta bread here, just plain white bread.  I am informed that Greek pita and Cypriot pita are different: the Cypriot version is thinner and with no oil and the Greek version is thick and usually served dripping oil stuffed with gyro or souvlaki. In restaurants in Greece you would get bread as opposed to pita most of the time but not always and in Cyprus vice versa. 

Dishes here were simple e.g. the meat had no sauces, yet the salads were very fresh and some dishes unusual - a broad bean dip starter was excellent. Many dishes were just ordinary e.g. a nondescript taramasalata, and an OK hummus, but this is clearly a league up from normal Greek restaurants in London. It is certainly more than fairly priced.

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