10 Rue d'Aubagne, Marseille, 13001, France

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This pizzeria is near the main harbour area of central Marseilles. It is in a pedestrianised street just a few streets up from the seafront, the restaurant dating back all the way to 1943/ It was founded by a gentleman called Sauveur Di Paolo, who passed away at the grand old age of 98. There is outside seating in a little alley to the side of the restaurant as well as a few tables indoors.

I tried a simple tuna salad to start which had chunks of tuna with a dressed green leaf salad. The tuna would not cut the mustard in Tokyo but it was pleasant enough (12/20). The pizza itself had a thin crust that was fairly pliable but somewhat pale, perhaps as the oven was not quite as hot as ideal. A topping of mushrooms was just button mushrooms, all harmless enough but nothing out of the ordinary. Perhaps this is a place that is living a bit off its history and prior reputation. It is certainly not close in standard to Pizzaria Etienne in the same city. The bill came to €21.80 (£19) for just the salad and pizza, with water to drink. 

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