15 Rue Lammenais, Paris, 75008, France

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It is some years since I have been to Taillevent but I remember the experience with warmth. We had dish after dish of classically executed dishes from chef Alain Soliveres, with very high quality ingredients. It was one of the first restaurants I had been to where the sommelier tries the wine before giving a sip to the customer. This makes very good sense. After all, these guys do it for a living, and are more likely to spot a corked wine than a customer. What I did notice was that at the beginning of the evening he had just a tiny sip to convince himself the wine was not faulty, but towards the end of the evening he was indulging in half a glass!

Remarkably this place has been going since 1946! Long may it continue. It retained 3 Michelin stars for 34 years but finally was demoted to two stars in the 2007 Michelin France guide.

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