Tendido Cero

174 Old Brompton Road,, London, England, SW5 0BA, United Kingdom

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Tendido Cera is the casual sibling of Cambio de Tercio, and indeed is located just over the road from it. It offers tapas rather than the more elaborate dishes of Cambio, though there are a few dishes in common. The small dining room has its walls painted red, black banquettes and is simply decorated; there are a few further tables on the pavement outside if the weather is clement. The wine list appears to be the same as that of Cambio so I will not repeat my comments on the list here.

At a lunch I had the miniature spicy patatas bravas (£7.25) that are a signature dish of Cambio: although not quite as neatly executed, this modern take on the classic dish, with bite-sized potato casings filled with spicy aioli, was still very good to eat (14/20). Also good were simple chicken croquettas (£6.75), with a crisp coating of batter and a centre of chicken with béchamel sauce (14/20). Tortilla (£6), the potato omelette, had very good texture and was served with aioli on the side (14/20).

Service was reasonably efficient, though to lay out an unrequested basket of bread on the table as the menu is brought, and then later charge for the bread (whether or not the diner actually touches it), is sharp practice, especially as it does not appear as a menu item. The bill came to £28.41 for three tapas dishes, and mineral water at £3.75; service was included at 12.5%. The food itself was very good, and compares well to most tapas bars in London.

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