The Terrace on Holland Street

33C Holland St, London, W8 4LX, United Kingdom

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This little 20 seat restaurant served me an excellent meal a few months ago, so I was curious to see whether it could maintain the same standard. Tonight the butternut squash soup had very good flavour and was well seasoned (14/20). Even better was mackerel served on a tarte fine, the mackerel precisely cooked and having excellent flavour, the tart having lovely texture (15/20). 

A main course of pork tenderloin with cabbage featured tender pork and well-cooked cabbage, again properly seasoned (14/20). Haddock with mustard sauce was another appealing, and nicely cooked, dish, the mustard just in the right proportion to lift the dish (14/20). On the side, both kale and chips were correctly cooked, the chips crisp and the kale retaining its texture well (14/20).

For dessert, cranachan is a Celtic version of trifle, and had enough fruit to balance the cream and alcohol (14/20). A chocolate fondant was genuinely good, with a rich liquid centre and dark, velvety texture on the outside (15/20). Service was friendly, the dishes coming at a good pace. The bill came to £69 a head including a corkage charge. This restaurant has an appealing menu combined with very capable cooking.


Further reviews: 23rd May 2013

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User comments

  • Alan fowle

    A neighbourhood restaurant hmm ,but it looked cute on the website so we risked the longish journey from hampstead on a Saturday evening . Very glad we did ,sort of place that would look at home in one of those Parisian side streets ,very friendly staff , crab croquettes ,spicy mayonnaise ,excellent,Stilton and cauliflower soup creamily perfect , loin of venison ,skate ,all cooked and presented just so. We are going back soon to try those other dishes Andy recommended. Worth the journey.

  • Rob M

    Sounds fab! Can't wait to try it, clearly somewhere that knows the value of cooking food carefully and serving customers attentively!