Trattoria Da Me

Via S. Felice, 50, Bologna, 40100, Italy

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This simple restaurant in central Bologna has been running since 1937. This was only a quick lunch so I can only form a passing impression of the place, but it was a positive one. There were a few outside tables in addition to the main dining room, the reception desk being “guarded” by a friendly dog called “Chef”. The chef in charge of cooking rather than barking is Elisa Rusconi.

The menu, as often in Bologna, was skewed heavily towards the carnivorous, with no fish dishes other than one starter., though it turned out to be a good one. The wine list ranged in price from €15 to €42, with for example Vignetti Saetti Lambrusco Rossa Viola 2018 at €18 compared to its shop price of €18, and Luretta Salin dl’Armari Colli Chardonnay 2016 at €33 for a bottle that can be found in the high street for €20. 

Salt cod balls were very tasty, deep fried and golden on the outside, with good flavour, and accompanied by mustarda di frutta, a north Italian condiment made from candied fruit soaked in a mustard flavoured syrup. You don’t see this much these days, but I have always enjoyed it, and the combination of spice and fruit went nicely with the salt cod balls (14/20). Crudités were also fine, with nice fennel and tomato in particular. My tagliatelle ragu was very enjoyable, the pasta made fresh and having excellent texture, the meat having good flavour, with an optional topping of Parmesan (14/20). Coffee was pleasant and the service was friendly, the bill coming to €20 (£18) per person. If you ordered three courses and shared a modest bottle of wine then a more typical cost per head might be around £45. This was certainly a place I would come back to on another occasion and try more dishes.

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