Trishna Mumbai

3/A Crystal Plaza, New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, India

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Trishna has a reputation for seafood and has now expanded from its original branch into premises in the north west of Mumbai, which is the one which I visited.  It is in a parade of shops opposite the large Infiniti shopping mall, and is unprepossessing.  The room has rather drab beige and cream décor, and is not particularly smart.  

The seafood is clearly the thing here, so we tried a number of the house specialities.  Tandoori prawns were tender, with a pleasant flavour of spices (13/20).  The signature pepper garlic crab was, to be honest a real let down.  The crab was undeniably fresh (alive and kicking just before it was cooked) but the meat was nor properly checked for pieces of shell, so was a bit of a minefield to eat.  Worse, the meat was absolutely soaked in butter, to the extent that a pool of butter leaked from the meat as soon as it was set on the plate.  The buttery taste was overwhelming and really spoilt the crab (barely 11/20).

Lobster with chilly and garlic was quite tender, served with a tomato sauce that had rather crude spicing (12/20).  Aloo gobi was pleasant, though the vegetables were a little mushy (11/20).  Prawn biriani was the best dish, the rice having good texture and the prawns tender (13/20).  Tandoori roti was rather hard but decent (12/20), while a naan was very hard in texture (10/20).  

Overall this was quite disappointing given the consderable reputaton of Trishna.  Perhaps the original downtown branch is significantly better, but the evidence tonight I cannot say I am any rush to find out.

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