Via Cairoli, 16, Bologna, 40121, Italy

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Verace (“genuine”) is a pizzeria located in a residential street in central Bologna. It is actually a full service restaurant, but we went for the pizzas, which seem to be well regarded locally. The style is Neapolitan, with a proper wood fired oven in evidence just off the main dining room. The room was not air conditioned, though there was enough air coming through the door to make the environment pleasant, even on this 31C June day. It was noticeable that everyone single customer here was speaking Italian, this place being a little off the tourist track. A wide range of pizzas was offered, with a list of classics like Margherita, and a further long selection of other options. You could also add your own choice of toppings.

We tried two different pizzas, and both had a good base, this being soft and pliable (13/20). This was a very good pizza base, and although I have had some a little better elsewhere I was very impressed by the quality of the tomatoes in the sauce. These really tasted deeply of tomato in a way that tomatoes in England essentially never do. The bill for these pizzas and soft drinks came to €15 (£13) each. If you had ordered some alcohol from the simple wine list then a typical cost per person might be around £28.

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