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Editor's note: L'Amorosa will close on 13th July 2024, after ten years in operation. 

Family-run L’Amorosa is on the north side of busy King Street, at the Ravenscourt Park end. The head chef is Andy Needham, who earned a Michelin star for Zafferano for many years before he struck out here on his own. The dining room is split over two levels and is a modest little place. The chef cooks similar dishes that he used to at Zafferano in the old days, so you are basically getting a Michelin star level chef cooking for you in a little local restaurant. There is a short wine list but we did corkage tonight. The menu is a la carte, with starters £12-£14, pasta courses at £16-£21, main courses £28-£30, and desserts £8-£10.

Saffron risotto was particularly good tonight. Using aged Acquerello rice and a deeply flavoured chicken stock, the resulting texture was superb, beautifully rich and creamy. This was very high-quality risotto (16/20 feels slightly unkind). Wild boar ragu featured ravioli made from scratch in the kitchen and a dark, rich ragu that was nicely seasoned and enriched by guanciale, Chianti and a rosemary fragrance. The pasta had very good texture and this was a lovely, comforting dish on a chilly autumn night (easily 14/20).

After these rich dishes I wanted a light dessert, so opted for a lemon sorbet with citrus fruit segments and a garnish of fresh mint. This was simple but refreshing (13/20). Service, led by the chef’s wife Lynn, was very good, and a typical bill per person with wine might come to around £75 or so per person. L’Amorosa is the quintessential neighbourhood restaurant that everyone wishes they had but few actually have.

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