The Lanesborough Hotel, Hyde Park Corner, London, England, SW1X 7TA, United Kingdom

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The meal today began with some good nibbles: bruschetta with wild mushrooms and leeks was well seasoned, but even better was a cocktail stick with rosemary potato, sardine and herb crust with a red pepper coulis (17/20). Best of all was tempura of prawns, which had the ultra-light batter that you seldom see outside top tempura restaurants in Tokyo such as Nanachome Kyoboshi or Kondo (18/20).

Tuna tartare, white tomato mousse and olives was very well balanced (17/20). Better still was buckwheat pasta with red prawns from Sicily and smoked aubergine puree, with lovely prawns (18/20). Turbot with a light curry sauce and pesto was an impressive dish. This sounds a weird combination, yet the spices were very restrained, the turbot had great texture, and the pesto was superb (18/20).

Beef with peas and broad beans, with black olive powder and Parmesan chips was lovely, notable for the superb peas and beans, which had superb flavour. The beef itself, from Castlebridge, was very good, but the vegetables were the star (18/20). 

Meringue with passion fruit cream, coconut sauce and Margherita cream featured extremely delicate meringue and lovely flavours (17/20). Even better was pain perdu with diced apple and vanilla ice cream (18/20). Millefeuille of lemon with cherry sorbet had delicate pastry and beautifully balanced lemon cream (18/20). The attention to detail here is shown in the excellent focaccia and the good quality coffee. I have had several really impressive meals here in the last few months, and am nudging up my overall score by a point to reflect the consistently excellent cooking that I have experienced here recently. As a bonus the service was silky smooth, and the sommelier knowledgeable.  

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    Had the 5 course tasting menu with paired wine. Beautiful dining room and venue, and the staff treat you extremely well. BUT we did not think the food was excellent at all. Combinations didnt work for us, and nothing was extremely tasty. For us it was a below average 1* restaurant. Had a £25 lunch at The Greenhouse which, foodwise, was much better, looking forward to trying full menu there.

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    Ate here recently and had the tasting menu. Enjoyed it very much, service excellent, lovely room. However, as others have said I didn't think I was eating an Italian meal, apart from the superb tortelloni. No dress code, despite what it says on the website.

  • Name unavailable

    I would like to make a fresh comment for this restaurant in which I dined. Thanks Mr Hayler, you influenced me! The experience starts just before you enter the hotel, however by the time you sit that's when you clearly identify the excellent service which gets in my opinion a 10. I tried carbonara fugottelli and dover sole with a delicious ratatouille. Yes, the food was amazing, what can I say for this mouth watering carbonara and prices are reasonable!

  • Name unavailable

    My wife and I dined here last Saturday (25/2) largely as a result of your enthusiasm. It was an inconsistent meal we thought - we went a la carte as the tasting menu of 7 courses lacked any dish that I really fancied. For starters we had a truly brilliant crisp Sicilian prawns and a foie gras. We shared the fagatelli carbonara which was a serious taste explosion. Mains were dismal - tasteless, slightly overdone turbot in a salt crust served with bland steamed veg. And a sole dish that was misconceived and overworked. No deserts as we really didn't fancy any of them. I don't think this is Italian cooking - it's Michelin cooking. We liked the room and even dressed up a little for the occasion. Most other diners dressed down to jeans and trainers and many were drinking beer and Coke.

  • alan fowle

    Leaving aside the plaudits for the food, service, and ambience here I think its worth mentioning that, I assume just for Saturday evening , you have to give your credit card details on booking- I really resent this and so on our last visit here I was slightly seething which affected my enjoyment of the meal-"i ve been here before , never not shown up etc etc" all just brushed aside. I have read this does happen elsewhere but personally I have never been asked by any other restaurant in the world to provide those details- it does imply a lack of trust.

  • Maria

    I love this restaurant, rabbit ravioli with pistacchio, turbot in salt crost, chocolate variation (that was't in the dessert manu') and all in all 10 out 10 My favourite place in London.

  • alan fowle

    Always found the Lanesborough and the restaurant in its various guises as well as its bar a classy kind of place-but on a visit to Apsleys a few days ago we were quite bowled over by the tasting menu with accompanying wines, each dish was exquisite, quite perfect: reminiscent of the cooking of Michel Sarran in Toulouse or Texture/Gauthier in London, an absolute delight. But one pays for this kind of experience - with the quality it was worth it? Not one of the courses was better than the other - each was a refined distillation of flavour and texture. But curiously not Italian - however will return to try the lobster with almonds and pasta. Having read Giles Corens somewhat damning review of this place some months ago we had been put off and it was Andy's review that decided us to pay a visit - glad we did.

  • C.Elder

    The 5 course tasting menu is £65pp and £95pp with service;water;coffee etc.

  • Michele

    I think that Apsleys deserves more score, especially compare it to other international restaurants. What i do not understand, i have eaten at la Pergola in Rome and also in Apsleys, and the same plate for example the carbonara fagottelli, have different score but really was the same level in both restaurant. Also for my opinion Apsleys pastry is better then the pastry in Rome. I think that you are one of the best food blogger but you have to review Aspleys again. Michele

  • Paul Loynes

    One of my favourite places for Saturday lunch, and an absolute bargain for 28 pounds. Service is impeccable. A high 1* possibly deserving of a second.

  • Kevin Taylor

    Ate there at the weekend for the first time being drawn there by my experience at La Pergola back in April. Absolutely first class in my opinion, with the Fagotelli top of my list again. Very good, really enjoyed it.