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505-507 Upper Richmond Road, London, SW14 7DE, United Kingdom

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Black Salt is a regular haunt of mine, the younger sister of Dastaan and situated on the busy south circular road in East Sheen. This week I managed not one but two visits, so I will combine the dishes that I tried into a single review.

Aloo tuk was a new dish, little fried new potato patties with a black salt spice mix and a dip or coriander chutney. This was a tasty snack, the outside of each patty crisp and even, and with enough spice and salt content to enliven the potato. Some people might find it a touch salty, but I actually like this level of salinity (14/20). Channa papdi chaat consisted of wheat crisps combined with chickpeas, yoghurt, potato and tamarind and mint chutney. This was quite a traditional rendition of this classic dish, here the elements being in very precise balance. There was just enough sweetness from the tamarind, with textural contrast between the tender chickpeas and the potato with the crunch of the wheat crisps, some pomegranate seeds bringing freshness (15/20).

Chicken kolhapuri had a sauce involving coconut and curry leaves, the chicken being marinated in ginger, coconut and fresh spices and later simmered. This is a dish from Maharashtra, the state of Indian containing Mumbai. This was a nicely made curry, the meat tender and the spices working well together (14/20). Black truffle khumb matter was a lightly spicy button mushroom curry enhanced by preserved black truffles. This dish worked very well, the spices vibrant and there being a hint of truffle aroma to enhance the curry (15/20). Aloo gobi was a mix of cauliflower and potato fried with onion, tomato and spices, the vegetables retaining their texture nicely and again the spices distinct, livening up the humble vegetables (14/20). On the side, garlic naan was hot and fresh (15/20). 

We enjoyed a pair of kulfis, both pistachio and mango, though these were bought in so I will not score them.  The bill for the first meal this week came to £55 a head with beer to drink and the second meal was £59 a head, which is just a touch more than what is probably a typical spend per person here. Black Salt is a fine restaurant, producing extremely good Indian food at a moderate price.

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