72-72 Western Road, Southall, Middlesex, London, England, UB2 5DZ, United Kingdom

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The Brilliant has recently undergone a major refurbishment, reopening in March 2017. The main dining area feels bigger though actually has slightly fewer seats, the video screens have gone and the upstairs banqueting area has expanded significantly. The menu is much the same, with a few additional dishes. 

One of these is chicken pakora, which I tried tonight. It is a generous portion, as is the way with things here, the chicken cooked well though the coating a bit heavy (I have just come back from Japan, and after the tempura there then everything seems heavy). Still, this was a pleasant dish (13/20). The mainstay dishes are as good as ever, such as methi chicken with plenty of fenugreek flavour (14/20), aloo gobi where the cauliflower and potato retain their texture well, and a channa masala with tender chickpeas and a rich sauce (14/20). Romali roti is excellent here, ultra thin and made to order (easily 14/20). Service was good despite a packed house, with tables being turned all around on, even on a Sunday night. The bill came to £30 a head with beer to drink, and plenty of food left over which they will pack up for you. This has been a regular haunt of mine since I moved to west London in 1991, and it is good to see that it is still packing them in.


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