Lindsay House

21 Romilly Street, London, England, W1D 5AF, United Kingdom

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Richard Corrigan has now shifted his attention to Corrigans of Mayfair. and also Bentleys. Alexis Gauthier of Roussillon took over the site in the spring of 2010, and is now running Gauthier there.

Some brief historical notes follow. I used to rate Lindsay house at 16/20.

Set in a charming Soho townhouse, this is Richard Corrigan’s most successful venture to date.  The restaurant is a converted Soho town house, and you need to ring the doorbell for admittance.  The menu is rather limited in choice, but the quality of the cooking is very high.  For example a risotto of girolles and broad beans was freshly made and featured fat arborio rice that had soaked up the flavours of the stock, along with tasty and delicate broad beans and lightly cooked girolles. 

Desserts are also good e.g. a white chocolate parfait laced with excellent cherries and served with a fine dark chocolate sorbet.  Service is competent and the wine list extensive.  However a recent visit exposed some inconsistency in delivery, with a generally good meal marred by some chewy scallops. 

Note that in July 2008 the government "scores on the doors" food hygiene scheme showed Linday House with a rather worrying one star ("Poor level of compliance with food safety legislation – much more effort  required").  It is to be hoped this improves soon.

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