l'Oro di Napoli

6 The Quadrant, Little Ealing Lane, London, W5 4EE, United Kingdom

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This popular little pizzeria in South Ealing also has a sister in Hanwell. It offers a selection of starters such as focaccia, which they make from scratch, as well as a wide range of pizzas, priced mostly around £12, with a basic Margherita at £9. You can also design your own pizza with whatever toppings that you choose. 

We shared bruschetta (£4.95) to start with, which had a pleasant bread base topped with garlic, oregano, basil, olive oil and chopped tomatoes. This was simple but pleasant, let down a little by the rather ordinary tomatoes (12/20). I may have been over-sensitive here, as I literally flew back from Rome that morning, and had been eating beautifully flavoured Italian tomatoes over the preceding days.

The Neapolitan style pizza here is of course the main thing, and very good it is too. The wood-fired oven can cook a pizza in 90 seconds, and the base was thin and pleasingly supple, with a light crust and gentle charring. We tried two pizzas tonight, one from their menu and one with a custom set of toppings. The toppings were quite generous but the important thing was the quality of the base, excellent in both cases (13/20).

We tried a tiramisu for dessert, made from scratch in the kitchen. This was quite a surprise to me, being very well made indeed, with good texture and plenty of coffee flavour (14/20 is probably a harsh score). The coffee itself is from a roaster in Italy called Camordo in Molise in southern Italy that has been running since 1951. The coffee was of reasonable quality, not as good as a top specialty roaster but certainly better than some of the industrial coffees that dominate the restaurant scene in London.

Service was friendly and the bill tonight came to £29 per person including service and beer. L’Oro di Napoli is a very good pizzeria producing much higher quality pizzas than all but a few places in London. It is very popular and deservedly so.

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