Patara Beauchamp Place

9 Beauchamp Place, London, England, SW3 1NQ, United Kingdom

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Patara is part of an international chain with several branches in London, and stretching from Bangkok to Beijing. Som tam salad had serious levels of chilli and crunchy cabbage in the salad. It was good in a bracing kind of way, though even for someone keen on chilli I found this on the bold side (13/20). 

Sea bass with tamarind featured fish cut into pieces and deep fried, with the tamarind sauce served in a jug on the side. The fish was fine and the batter pleasant, with the tamarind sauce bringing a pleasing sweetness to what otherwise have been a slightly dry dish (13/20). On the side, out of season asparagus was presumably imported but actually had quite good flavour and was carefully cooked, as were the mushrooms with it (13/20). Fried rice on the side was fine but in a very small bowl given that it was £4.50. Pad Thai with king prawns featured nicely cooked prawns in their shell alongside the noodles. These had good texture though I recall their being even better than this on past visits (13/20).

Service was polite and attentive. The bill came to £60 a head with three beers between us, so this was not a cheap outing given how much we had to eat and drink. I had the impression that the level of cooking had dipped a touch since the restaurant was at its peak. Nonetheless it was a pleasant enough meal.


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