Sukiyabashi Jiro Roppongi

Roppongi Hills Keyaki Street Build. 3F, 6-12-2 Roppongi, Minato Ku, Tokyo, Japan

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  • +81 3 5413 6626
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The sister restaurant of the 3 star Ginza sushi bar is located in a quiet corner of the Roppongi Hills complex, in one of the residence towers on the third floor. It consists just of a bar with ten bar stools. It is run by the son of the owner of the Ginza version. A range of sashimi and sushi dishes appear steadily, shaped skillfully by the experienced staff behind the counter. I won't comment on every fish individually, but we tried many different sushi dishes. A raw prawn and mackerel were both excellent, a squid rather less so as this had some chewiness. 

Tuna was served in three forms, regular, semi fatty and the toro form, all of which were excellent blue-fin tuna. A sardine was impressive, as was a tasty piece of horse mackerel. A scallop was delicate but also remarkable for its size. Later I asked about this and the chef showed me the enormous scallops shell, which was far larger than I have ever seen before.  Despite the size, the scallop was very tender. Salmon was very good, as was a just-cooked prawn. I really liked the cooked eel, while smoked bonito was also interesting.

I enjoyed the meal, but although the fish was very fresh and of high quality, at the end of the day it was merely very good.  See Sushi Mizutani for one example of a better sushi experience at a lower price. The bill was very high - JPY 39,000 for two, with just two beers and some tea, at lunch.

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