Watermans Arms

1 Ferry Lane, Brentford, London, England, TW8 0AW, United Kingdom

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This small pub by the river in Brentford has an attractive pub garden and an interesting menu. Its landlord, Gordon Fry, has a Japanese wife (Mariko) and lived in Japan for several years. The menu reflects his diverse background, with a mixture of pub food like fish and chips with Japanese pub (izakaya) cooking such as soba noodle dishes. 

Tonight, yakisoba with vegetables (£7) had carefully cooked soba noodles stir-fried with strips of mixed vegetables, fresh ginger and soy sauce. The ginger flavour came through well and the texture of the noodles was very good (easily 13/20). Japanese chicken curry (£14) was also enjoyable, the pieces of chicken mixed in with potatoes and sweet onions, the sauce based on a roux that is flavoured with curry powder, chicken stock and a touch of mirin (12/20). The notion of curry was brought to Japan by British sailors in the 19th century, and this adaptation of it is popular to this day.

My wife ordered off the pub menu and had a spiced vegetable soup (£6) that was simple but hearty, ideal for this chilly April night (12/20). Cod and chips were less interesting but perfectly acceptable (11/20). Service was friendly, our German barmaid/waitress helpful and chatty, and landlord Gordon as engaging as ever. The Watermans Arms is a quirky little place that I am very fond of.

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  • Steve the computer man

    I am pleased to see that following my recommendation back in 2014 you have been back to The Watermans Arms and that you have retained a fondness for it. I moved out of the area but this was lovely to read.