Watermans Arms

1 Ferry Lane, Brentford, London, England, TW8 0AW, United Kingdom

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Landlord Gordon Fry runs a single-handed kitchen at this little pub near the river, serving up a mix of pub staples and Japanese izakaya dishes based on his time living in Japan with his wife Mariko.

At a recent meal, katsu-don was a deep-fried pork cutlet served on a bed of rice, with onion, mirin and soy sauce. This was enjoyable, the soy and rice wine nicely flavouring the rice, the pork tender and avoiding any fattiness. It is traditional in Japan to eat this dish the night before a test or exam (12/20). 

Yakisoba noodles were buckwheat noodles that were stir-fried with vegetables and, in this case, tiger prawns. This is a regular dish on the menu here, the noodles having very good texture, the prawns tender (13/20).

The bill came to just £22 a head for two courses with drinks. This is very reasonable value for the well-made dishes that arrive from the kitchen. Gordon is a charming host, emerging from his kitchen when he can to chat with the regulars.

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