Madhu's At The Sheraton

Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Bath Road, Hayes, London, UB3 5BP, United Kingdom

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Madhu’s Heathrow, formerly Madhu’s at The Sheraton, is a sister restaurant to the original Madhu’s in Southall. There are actually several sites now in the Madhu’s family group, including Madhu’s at The Grove, Madhu’s of Mayfair and Madhu’s Brasserie Richmond. The Heathrow branch is a large, smartly decorated affair on the ground floor of the hotel. As well as the sprawling dining room there are a pair of partially private booths to the right side as you enter. Parking in the Sheraton car park is free if you are dining; parking is validated at the restaurant reception. As well as the a la carte there were various tasting menu options at £33, £38, £43 and £48 per person. 

Lamb chops were marinated with spices and cooked on the robata grill. These had very good flavour, with a hint of smokiness from the charcoal. I would have preferred them just a touch less cooked, but these were still very enjoyable lamb chops (14/20).Prawns served on their shells and cooked over charcoal on the robata grill were excellent, with a lovely hint of smokiness (easily 14/20). Salmon tikka featured fillets of Scottish salmon that had been marinated with dill and spices and served in a banana leaf with a mixed salad on the side. It is quite hard to make farmed salmon exciting, but marinating it with spices is quite a good way, and the salmon was tender and was nicely enlivened by the marinade (14/20). 

Methi chicken had a rich sauce with plenty of fenugreek, the chicken tender (14/20). This was a lot better than a fish curry featuring tilapia, which was cooked too long (barely 12/20). Better was prawn moilee had nicely cooked prawns and a mild sauce with coconut cream, fresh turmeric, mustard seeds and curry leaves (14/20). Methi gobi was good, the cauliflower having retained its texture well and being nicely enhanced by the flavour of spices including fenugreek (14/20). Bhindi was stir fried with onions, tomatoed and spices and was OK but for me was cooked a little too long. I like my okra quite firm in texture, which few restaurants seem to manage (12/20). Naan bread was fine but even better was the romali roti, which had lovely texture, very thin and piping hot (14/20 for the bread, and even more for the roti). Pilau and plain rice both had good texture.

Service was very good, and the bill came to £72 per person, which included copious Cobra beer (at £9 a pint) and the service charge. We ordered a lot of food, and you could easily order more carefully and end up with a smaller bill than this, perhaps £55 per person. Madhu’s Heathrow offers very capable Indian food, with the dishes from the robata grill being the ones that really stand out from the pack, along with the lovely romali roti.


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