Madhu's At The Sheraton

Sheraton Skyline Hotel, Bath Road, Hayes, London, UB3 5BP, United Kingdom

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This restaurant is the younger sibling of the long established Madhu’s in Southall. Located on the ground floor of the Sheraton Skyline hotel, the dining room is a lot smarter than its Southall sister, with a couple of particularly nice private dining rooms to one side. 

One advantage that the kitchen here has is the robata grill, meaning that dishes can be charcoal-grilled, giving them a suitably smoky flavour note. This works particularly well here with the lamb chop, which is marinated with spices before grilling. The meat is tender with just a hint of charcoal, and the spice mix lifts the flavour of the lamb – a glorious dish (15/20). Another favourite dish of mine here is the methi gobi, cauliflower florets cooked with a harmonious blend of spices and retaining the texture of the cauliflower really well (15/20). Not everything is quite to this level, but for example a yellow dhal was good, avoiding the wateriness that can often afflict this dish (easily 13/20) Breads here are good but not quite to the level of the best dishes, the texture pleasant rather than anything remarkable (13/20).

Service was good, the staff attentive, and the bill came to £30 a head with beer to drink but no dessert. If you went for three courses and shared a modest bottle of wine (the list here is kindly marked up) then a bill of perhaps £45 would be typical. A Heathrow hotel may not be a very glamorous setting but the best dishes here are some of the finest Indian food to be found in London.




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